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How to set up a Share Selling Environment in your CRM

Lead followup process for a shared Team Environment.

The goal is to implement in Salesboom team selling to work on new leads and convert them into valid opportunities, and then close those opportunities.

25% of the sales go to the vendor who contacts the lead first.

The team:consists of 3 people minimum: 2 Sales people - a junior CRM consultant and a more Senior "CRM Expert" plus a Professional Services team member is brought in for technical questions, customization requests, custom quotes, etc. The goal of the team concept lead followup process is to call the lead within minutes of them signing up, pickup the lead in the CRM, calling the lead and leaving a voicemail if necessary, plus always emailing them as well. But the goal is also to eliminate the possiblity of more than one salesperson calling a lead thinking they are the first one to do so, only to find out another salesperson already picked them up and is dealing with them.

After lead signs up for something online, they appear as a lead in Salesboom assigned to a marketing departent user. The first Salesperson that is ready to call the lead should change the owner to themselves - ie Pick Up the lead. This notifies the other team members that you are the "First point of Contact" for this lead and that you are on the phone with them, so don't call them right now.

The first point of contact calls to introduce themselves plus the CRM Expert with the goal of qualifying them, bringing in the CRM Expert on the call, and/or setting up a time for a demonstration of the CRM to the customer in which the 2 sales reps are in attendance. If the first point of contact is the CRM expert, they will introduce the junior CRM consultant, and vice versa. The email that is sent out from the Junior Sales rep introduces the CRM expert and copies the CRM expert. If the CRM expert is the first point of contact, then they introduces the junior sales rep and advises the junior sales rep is the one to contact regarding setting up demos, proposals, etc.

The junior Sales rep sets up the demo, confirms the attendance, starts the gotomeeting. The CRM Expert shows up to the demo once the customer has arrived. If needs rescheduling the junior sales rep does that as well.

The followup procedure is to convert all contacts into contacts - this will also assign them to you automatically. The goal is for the team of 2 CRM consultants plus the Professional services person to provide all documentation to answer and quote customer requests, and it is the responsibility of all of them to call the people back multiple times to ask if they are doing ok, or if there was anything else they needed at this time. The information gathered is to be shared with the rest of the team by first adding a logged call in the CRM and then also via email, voice, text, etc. so that we can work toegether to close them quick.

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