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CPQ plus CRM equals Happy Customers

Most businesses would enjoy having their front end seamlessly integrated with their back-end to reliably ship orders to customers on time and with real time inventory management. Cost-Price-Quote (CPQ) involves pricing for products, services, parts and making sure you can match sales forecasting against inventory to manage purchase orders. Opportunity management with Product Database and Product Catalogs (Price Books) allows for managing customer sales vs channel sales in one application, with reporting and dashboards with analytics across the entire business.

CPQ plus CRM brings together the ability to see in real time how your orders and inventory match up with Sales opportunities forecasted each quarter.

By better understanding how business is flowing across all the departments that matter, we can deliver seamless and profitable sales. By managing warehouses, Sales Orders, Purchase orders, as well as non-sales transactions in and out of the warehouse due to breakage, theft, samples, etc and track that against what the Sales department is anticipating to come in as orders next month, next quarter, the next 2 quarters, and so on then it becomes easy to anticipate future demand and place your Purchase orders appropriately and better manage procurement processes, cash flow while reducing loss and reducing risk.

Real time inventory management integrated with the Sales and returns department ensure the right people get the right product on time and with less hassle.

Print packing slips and ensure shipping errors are reduced and less frustrated customers. Since the Sales orders and and packing slips are generated from the same system, there is no chance of mixing up what was ordered from what needs to be shipped.

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